Integrative Rehabilitation Laboratory

Welcome to the Integrative Rehabilitation lab!

Welcome to the Integrative Rehabilitation Lab, also known as the IRL. Drs. Matt Malcolm, Arlene Schmid and Wendy Wood Co-direct this lab. The focus of the lab is identifying variables that influence disability and daily function, and developing novel interventions that promote better recovery and functional ability for people with various diagnoses.

  • Dr. Wood's research seeks to integrate research and education of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy, particularly in higher education. Her presently funded research involves a systematic mapping review of EAAT, which is the inaugural study of the developing Temple Grandin Equine Center at CSU. Please see our Ongoing Research page for more information.
  • Dr. Schmid has expertise in understanding the development of fear of falling and how fear of falling and falls impact quality of life and everyday life for people with stroke and other disabilities. She is also an internationally known researcher in the development of yoga interventions as a complement to rehabilitation for people with chronic pain, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and many other study populations. Dr. Schmid currently has a new study about to begin, please see our Ongoing Research page for more information.
  • Dr. Malcolm's research seeks to develop more effective neuro-rehabilitation interventions and to investigate brain mechanisms involved in recovery from a neurological injury. He has specific expertise in using brain stimulation in combination with rehabilitation to promote greater functional abilities in individuals with neurological damage and disease. Dr. Malcolm currently has two studies funded, please see our Ongoing Research page for more information.