Integrative Rehabilitation Laboratory

Our Facilities

Integrative Rehabilitation Laboratory

3185 Rampart Road, Building V1
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970) 492-4986

The Integrative Rehabilitation Lab is located on CSU’s foothills campus, west of the main CSU campus and west of the CSU Equestrian Center off of Overland Trail Road in Fort Collins, CO.

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  • From Overland Trail Road, turn west (towards the mountains) onto Rampart Road.
  • Rampart Road

  • Follow Rampart Road until it ends, passing the Equestrian Center and other science buildings. At the end of the road you will come to a T (sign reads Judson M. Harper Research Complex).
  • Rampart Road T

  • At the end of Rampart Road turn left and pass the guard house (no guard is present). Continue through the gate and immediately turn right.
  • Gate

  • Follow this road until it ends (about fifty yards). Turn right immediately before the Infectious Disease Annex parking lot. You will be turning onto a dirt road.
  • Infectious Disease Annex parking lot

  • Follow this road until it ends in a T (about fifty yards). You will take a right to go to the Foothills Annex, Occupational Therapy Labs.
  • Foothills Annex sign

  • You will follow this road as it turns to the left passing the Aggie Labs sign. Enter into the Aggie Labs Parking Lot continuing straight into the lower parking lot.
  • Aggie Labs sign

  • Go straight along the fence to enter the Lower lot for access to Entrance 3.
  • Entrance sign

  • Entrance 3 will be to your left upon entering the lower parking lot. Entrance 3 has ramp accessibility.
  • Entrance 3

    Entrance 3

Accessible Entrances

MAIN LEVEL ENTRANCE: Two entrances to the building are accessible. One is located to the left of the Main Entrance at the far end of the main parking area (shown below).
This door is the recommended accessible entrance for research participant drop off (shown below).

Main level driveway to accessible entrance

Main level accessible entrance

LOWER LEVEL ENTRANCE: A second accessible entrance is located to the right of the Main Entrance on the lower level of the building and near additional accessible parking (shown below).

Lower level accessible entrance